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Our innovative software makes structural and electrical analysis a breeze!

Used by solar contractors, permitting teams, licensed engineers and registered architects.

We provide the current codes and wind/snow loads.

iRooFA immediately tells you if a roof can support a PV solar installation, problems with a weak roof and how to strengthen it, minimum racking lag bolt requirements and more.


Making Your Life Easier

Analysis, review and stamping of your plan set's framing and electrical design

Use iRooFA as a design tool, performing different layout trials to help minimize installation construction costs.

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We offer iRooFA Professional Engineering seals in all 50 states.

Thousands of products

We support a large collection of equipment and building materials

Select from our massive database of PV solar modules, solar rack mounts, roofing materials and framing lumber species.

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More Automation.

iRooFA can integrate with AutoCAD!

We can further automate your work by integrating with AutoCAD and automatically populating data for you.

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Project Data

Information about project owner, project location and key maps.

Electrical Data

Details about inverters, wires sizes, breaker sizes and electrical calculation tables.

Other Data

Additional information including structural notes, product cut sheets and more!