We offer a variety of professional engineering services.


Use our intuitive data input forms to generate and receive automated roof structural reports. iRooFA immediately checks the building's structural framing capacity under the PV installation. You will have instant access to details about roof support capacity under the PV solar installation, solutions to strengthen a weak roof, minimum racking lag bolt requirements, wind and snow loading, building codes, minimum POI electrical requirements and more!

Upload your plans and photos for us to review, your documents will signed and sealed within 4 hours. Your documents will also be eSigned by our licensed professional engineers.

iRooFA will generate a structural engineering report which is signed and sealed by our licensed Professional Engineers. Your structural and electrical plans are reviewed, signed and sealed by our licensed Professional Engineers.

Structural Analysis

Use iRooFA as a design tool to perform different layout trials and minimize required supplemental roof structure.

iRooFA will immediately inform you if a roof can support a PV solar installation and identify problems. It will also provide details on how to strengthen a weak roof, minimum racking lag bolt requirements and more.

Have your structural plans reviewed, signed and sealed by our team of licensed professional engineers.

Roof Framing
Electrical Analysis
PV Solar Project

Our team of licensed professional engineers will review, sign and seal your electrical plans. We will review your site photos and electrical designs to verify that wire sizes and OCPD's are all correct based upon the selected equipment and layout.

We also offer a more in-depth set of electrical calculations and SLD's as an add-on with our AutoCAD integration.

Permit Forms

Standard building permit forms and select state construction permits are automatically populated with data and made available for download online. We also offer custom forms to fit the needs of your team.

PV Solar Project
Post Installation
PV Solar Project

We offer post installation as built plan review, certification and affidavits. We have developed letters for submissions to building departments and other entities such as your financing partners.